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Columbia Farms

Summer is here and that means locally grown berries from Columbia Farms are arriving. Zupan's features day-of harvested berries as soon as they are ripe and available!

With over 2,000 farm acres on Sauvie Island, Dave and Diane Kunkel have been harvesting delicious local produce and pumpkins at Columbia Farms, A family-run and operated farm since the mid-1970s.

As summer arrives, so do local berries! From Hood strawberries to the classic Oregon marionberry, Columbia Farms delivers berries that have been harvested just hours before.

Our Berries:

Nothing beats Oregon strawberries at the start of summer! Sweet, juicy and fresh. Oregon strawberries are great in strawberry shortcake, milkshakes, and of course, as a snack! Columbia Farms grows Sweet Sunrise, Mary’s Peak, and the gold standard Hood strawberries. Availability varies.

Raspberries: Tender and juicy, raspberries are a great low-sugar snack that satisfies any sweet tooth. Try a handful of raspberries in oatmeal or over ice cream.

Double Gold Raspberries: Deep blush with golden hues, these raspberries have an excellently sweet flavor.

Blackcap Raspberries: Unique and native to the Northwest, these small black raspberries are soft, juicy and sweet.

Blueberries: Perfectly sweet yet acidic, blueberries are a superfood! Great for snacking, baking into muffins and cobblers, or blending into smoothies. COMING SOON

Blackberries: Juicy with the perfect balance of tart and sweet. Blackberries are the last berry of the season. Enjoy blackberries in a cocktail, baked goods, or homemade ice cream! COMING SOON

Fall Produce:

Most notable during the fall season from Columbia Farms are local pumpkins. From classic Jack O Lanterns to heirloom varietals, during the fall we carry perfect carving pumpkins and pumpkins to cook and bake with.


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