Columbia Farms


With over 2,000 farm acres on Sauvie Island, Dave and Diane Kunkel have been harvesting delicious local produce and pumpkins at Columbia Farms, A family-run and operated farm since the mid-1970s.

Fall has arrived and that means pumpkins. Zupan’s Markets is excited to receive over 20 pumpkin varieties from Columbia Farms, located just 20 miles from our stores. From classic jack-o-lanterns and gourds to mini pumpkins and heirlooms, we have the perfect pumpkins for fall decorating, cooking, and carving.

Our Pumpkin Varieties: 

Covered with warts that would make any witch jealous, this pumpkin’s sweet flesh is excellent for cooking 

Mellow Yellow: The bright yellow pumpkin creates an eye-catching display when grouped with traditional orange and white varieties 

Phat Jack: This large jack-o-lantern boasts an extraordinarily thick stem that truly lives up to its “Phat” name.  

One Too Many: A very unique ornamental pumpkin. Coloration reminiscent of blood-shot eyes, with red-orange “veins”, patterned intricately over a white background. A favorite for Halloween decorations.  

Long Island Cheese: Like a wheel of cheese: flat, round, and slightly ribbed with skin the color of butternut. This pumpkin’s deep orange flesh is flavorful and perfect for baking, roasting, stewing, or even turning into custard.  

Porcelain Doll: With deep ribbing and an exotic pink exterior, this sweet fleshed pumpkin can be used for pies, soup, and gourmet culinary delights.  

Cinderella: The inspiration for Cinderella’s carriage, this deeply ridged and exceptionally flattened pumpkin has a sweet custard-like flesh perfect for pies, pumpkin bread, and canning.  

Galeux D’EysinesAs a result of sugar in the skin, this light pink pumpkin looks like it’s covered in barnacles. The sweet & smooth orange flesh is perfect to use in soups and sauces.  

JarrahdaleWith light bluish-gray skin and yellow flesh, this pumpkin has a slightly sweet, nutty flavor that is excellent in pies and other seasonal recipes. 

Fairytale: This heirloom variety looks like they belong in a Renaissance still life painting. Deeply fluted, with voluptuous lobes, this pumpkin’s sweet flavor is highlighted well in desserts, pumpkin butter, or soups.  

Speckled Hound: This light to medium colored pumpkin has green to blue-green splotches. Its tasty light orange flesh is thick, dense, and dry with a remarkable sweet, nutty flavor that squash connoisseurs desire.  

Lumina: This pumpkin’s smooth skin makes it excellent for painting or carving. Its delicious orange flesh is also perfect for making pumpkin soup.  

Summer Produce:

Most notable during the summer season from Columbia Farms are local berries. Always highly anticipated are local strawberries – especially the Hood variety in addition to blueberries, boysenberries, and blackberries. Other produce also includes corn, spinach, and radishes.