Beer and Cheese Tasting

This Event has passed | Burnside

Saison Du Vin from Alesong Brewery out of Eugene, Oregon is a grape conditioned farmhouse ale. It showcases the Muscat grape harvest in the Southern Willamette Valley. The flavor is a blend of tropical fruit and citrus

Moses Sleeper is a French inspired Brie from Jasper Hill Creamery in Greensboro, Vermont. It tastes like crème fraiche, cauliflower, and toasted nuts.

Lindemans Brewery Peche  is a Belgium Lambic that tastes like sweet, fresh peaches and finishes crisp and tart.

Chaource is a soft-ripened cow’s milk cheese that comes from France’s Champagne region.  Its firm and yeasty rind holds in the tangy and earthy center. The finish is reminiscent of earthy mushrooms.