Unique Beers from Japan!

Beer and Cheese Tasting

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Yo-Ho Black Porter brewed by Yo-Ho Brewing Company is a robust porter with a nice balance between malt and hops. The rich chocolate and toasted notes, combined with a light spiciness from the Perle hops, makes this beer quite drinkable.

Cashel Blue Farmhouse cheese is a semi-soft, creamy Irish blue cheese that is handcrafted by the Grubb family using grass-fed dairy cows. It’s a gorgonzola style with deep blue veining and a full tangy flavor.

Hitachio Nest Red Rice Ale brewed by Kiuchi Brewery is made with ancient red rice from Japan.  This ale has a light fruitiness, reminiscent of strawberries and orange peel.  It finishes like a light bodied sake.

Cypress grove’s Humboldt Fog is an American original soft-ripened goat cheese. Each handcrafted wheel features a distinctive band of edible vegetable ash. It tastes like fresh cream with light floral notes and a citrusy finish.