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Seder Dinner

April 25 , 6:00pm $125
In honor of Passover Cellar Z is featuring a modern take on a traditional Seder dinner. Exploring the culinary and historical history of this delicious holiday through both classic and creative dishes from chef Noah Jacob with his wife Dori guiding us through.

Housemade maror (beet horseradish)
Apple walnut charoset
Gefilte fish with horseradish cream & dill
Eggs & potatoes
Faux chopped liver, vegetarian

Matzoh ball soup, chicken or vegetarian

Bitter greens salad
shaved kale, hazelnut, red cabbage, avocado, sultanas, fried caper
with Meyer lemon & honey vinaigrette

Maitake mushroom schnitzel
with rose harissa aioli, rose hips, grilled lemon

Lamb chops
with pomegranate salsa fresca & snap peas, mint, garlic and pine nuts
Roasted Cauliflower
with ras al hanout, herb labneh, & pomegranate salsa fresca

Tahini & halvah flourless chocolate cake, raspberry rose compote, toasted meringue

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