Gifts for Your Thanksgiving Host

Pulling off a Thanksgiving meal requires a lot of energy, time, and coordination. Once the leftovers are put away and the dishes are done, your hostess will want to sit back and relax a little. Treat your hostess with some of these unique gift ideas available at any Zupan’s Markets location.

Holiday Pear Box
Locally grown in Oregon’s Rogue Valley, these Doyenné du Comice pears are the best eating pears of the season.  The Holiday Pear Box comes with 7 pounds of holiday pears wrapped in cellophane and a bow.

Saint Olio Essential Oil Products
Everybody loves the feeling of a clean home and Saint Olio cleaning products can help with that. These items are natural, synthetic-free and safe, crafted with a blend of essential oils that are potent and antimicrobial.  Choose from aromatic cleaners or air + linen refreshers in 3 different scents.







Fresh Flowers
Nothing says “thank you” quite like a fresh, fragrant bouquet of flowers.  Whether it’s a classic table arrangement or a bouquet of exotic blooms, our team of florists have beautiful arrangements and bouquets ready to grab & go





Brie en Croute
Featuring Marin French brie wrapped in puff pastry, this gift is perfect for a Thanksgiving appetizer or for your host to enjoy later. Try pairing with the Holiday Pear or your favorites honey or jam.




Puddin’ River Chocolates
Chocolate makes everything better. These homemade & handcrafted chocolates are created in Canby, Oregon and feature high quality free trade cocoa. Choose from items like salted caramels, toffee and chocolate covered potato chips.