Harris Ranch


Zupan’s Markets partners with family-owned and operated Harris Ranch Beef to source all our beef. Established in 1937, Harris Ranch is committed to producing the highest quality beef and has built a system where cattle are sourced, fed, and humanely processed exclusively by Harris Ranch. Harris Ranch’s plant was designed by Temple Gradin, the noted authority on the humane treatment of beef animals.

Harris Ranch is committed to sustainable farming & ranching practices. Cattle graze on grass for 80% of their life and are finished on a corn based diet developed by on-site nutritionists.

Our Harris Ranch beef is always fresh never frozen, graded USDA choice or prime, source-verified and certified Angus. Our standing rib roast is one of the highlights of the holidays. Each roast is carefully hand-trimmed, cut from the ribs, and hand-tied back on for easy carving.