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Lauretta Jean’s Pies

Zupan’s Markets Burnside & lAKE OSWEGO bakerIES ARE excited to be serving pies and pastries from one of Portland’s most beloved pie shops – Lauretta Jean’s Pie Bakery.

Lauretta Jean’s started as a farmer’s market booth in the spring of 2011 and eventually grew to two shops by the fall of 2012. Kate McMillen, owner of Lauretta Jean’s, named the business after her grandmother, Lauretta Jean who taught Kate everything she knows about making pies, and she definitely taught her well. Lauretta Jean’s bakes everything from scratch using raw, locally sourced ingredients. They partner with small farms for their fruit, dairy, and grains to capture the best tastes of the Pacific Northwest. We have them available by the slice or as whole pies and featuring a rotating selection of flavors.

Current Pie Menu (will rotate monthly)

  • Key Lime Pie: thick and crunchy graham cracker crust with a tart, velvety, and lime filling. Garnished with lime zest and whipped cream.
  • Salted Honey Pie: A traditional butter pie crust filled with honey-vanilla custard creates a sweet, silky texture that is beautifully complemented with the crunch of the sea salt flakes.
  • Tart Cherry Pie: Classic lattice topped pie filled with Oregon tart cherries and a hint of spice.
  • BlackberryRaspberry Streusel Pie: Lauretta Jean’s most popular pie at the café! Butter crust filled with Columbia Valley berries and topped with a brown sugar-oat streusel.
  • Blueberry Victoria: The classic British pie turned into a cake. Begins with signature butter crust and is then layered with blueberry compote, pastry lemon, lemon curd, and sponge cake. Topped with whipped cream and lemon zest.
  • Chocolate Chess: Classic chocolate custard pie. If you like your brownies a little underbaked, this pie is for you. Butter crust on the bottom and rich brownie-pudding like filling.

Treat yourself to a slice (or a whole pie) today!

Learn more about Lauretta Jean’s here.