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Liberty Harvest Tomatoes

Introducing a new beefsteak tomato from local grower Liberty Harvest in Dundee, Oregon.

Introducing A new tomato from local grower Liberty Harvest in Dundee, Oregon.

This delicious vine-ripened tomato is the perfect slicing tomato for summer. With a thicker flesh than other tomato varieties, these tomatoes are perfect sliced on burgers and sandwiches, chopped up in salads, or paired with Zupan’s fresh mozzarella.

Owned and operated by Colby & Emily Croft since 2016, this farm specializes in tomatoes & microgreens. Grown within a controlled, pesticide-free greenhouse environment their tomatoes are naturally sweet and taste just what you think a garden tomato should taste like. The best news, this tomato will be available 8 months out of the year!


Always store tomatoes on your counter at room temperature. To halt the ripening process or extend shelf-life tomatoes can be stored in the fridge, but are always best eaten at room temperature to experience the full flavor profile.

liberty harvest tomato recipes

Fresh Tomato Sauce & Chicken Pasta

Make an easy weeknight pasta sauce with fresh tomatoes and a rotisserie chicken.

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Liberty Harvest BLT’S

Celebrate fresh tomato season with classic BLTs featuring Liberty Harvest Beefsteak tomatoes.

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Caprese Salad

Ditch the oven and enjoy a fresh caprese salad, perfect for hot summer days!

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Learn more about Liberty Harvest.


Fresh-Stretched Mozzarella

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