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One Day Seafood Sale

One-Day Seafood Sale THIS Saturday, March 6th. Featuring Caviar, Lobster Tails, King Crab Legs, Fresh Whole Steelhead & Shrimp.

one day Seafood Sale this saturday, March 6 FEATURING Fresh Whole Columbia River Steelhead, caviar, LOBSTER TAILS, KING CRAB LEGS, oysters & shrimp.

This is a great time to stock up on specialty seafood items!  


Whole Fresh
Columbia River

Cut & wrapped to order. 

$5.99 lb, save $4 per lb

reg. $9.99 lb


all caviar

25% off








King Crab Legs

previously frozen

$34.99 lb, Save $5 per lb

reg. $39.99 lb






seasoned shrimp

12oz frozen bag. Choose from Cilantro Lime, Scampi, and Honey & Jalapeño.

$7.99 ea, save $2

reg. $9.99 ea





North Atlantic Lobster Tails

10-12 oz, previously frozen

$24.99 ea, SAVE $5

reg. $29.99 ea

20-24 oz, previously frozen

$65.99, save $10

 reg. $75.99 ea


Kumamoto &



1 dozen bag

$14.99 ea, save $5

reg. $19.99 ea



Prices valid Saturday, March 6th. All items While Supplies Last.

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