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Oregon Wild Rice


Grown in the Southern Willamette Valley, Oregon Wild Rice has a hardy texture with a rich and unique flavor.

Oregon Wild Rice is a division of Langdon Ag, a multi-generation, multi-crop family farm. Harvested in the Southern Willamette Valley, Oregon Wild Rice has a rich and unique flavor thanks to Oregon’s unique climate. Mild seasons and abundant rainfall create ideal growing conditions for wild rice. Seeing an opportunity to use rainfall and the lush growing conditions, Langdon Ag dedicated 145 acres of their farm to growing wild rice. Instead of draining reserve rainfall from their fields, they’ve found a way to harness the Northwest rainfall for growth of a new product.

The Willamette Valley offers some of the most nutrient-rich soils on the planet, and the fertile soil and pure rainwater makes rice grown in Oregon a natural superfood. Oregon Wild Rice is 100% locally grown, processed, and packaged. A hearty plant-based protein and high in fiber, Oregon Wild Rice is gluten free, all natural and has a hardy texture with rich flavor. The winter rains fill the rice ponds (or “paddies”) throughout the winter months and provide ample clean water for the wild rice to grow to maturity through spring and summer. Oregon Wild Rice is carefully harvested in late July/early August as the lush, green plant naturally ripens to a golden-brown color.

Grown free from sprays and pesticides, Oregon Wild Rice is naturally organic and is superior to all other rice in both taste and texture. 1 lb of wild rice makes about 8 cups of cooked wild rice. Try out Oregon Wild Rice in stuffing just in time for the holidays!

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