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Poke Bar


Inspired by the tastes of Hawaii, Zupan’s Markets Poke Bar features a wide variety of poke, seafood salads, rice, toppings & sauces.

Get a taste of items including Creamy Ginger Ahi & Salmon poke, Shoyu Ahi poke, Beet & Macadamia Nut poke and Pineapple & Shiso poke.

How To Build Your Own Poke Bowl

Step 1: Choose Base

Choose from warm rice, greens, quinoa & sesame ginger noodles.

Step 2: Choose Poke

Our poke options include a variety of Ahi & Salmon pokes, Octopus poke, plus two VEGAN options – Pineapple & Shiso poke or Beet & Macadamia Nut poke.

Step 3: Choose Toppings

Choose from a variety of seafood salads including Calamari salad, Seaweed salad, & Wasabi Mushroom salad. Plus, traditional toppings including avocado, kimchi, ginger, edamame & more!


Step 4: Choose Sauce

Creamy & spicy Togarashi, Creamy Cilantro, Unagi sauce & more!