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Buy One, Get One Free Zupan’s Ice Cream

Wednesday, August 9th

Made exclusively for Zupan’s by Lopez Island Creamery, our ice cream lineup features 5 delicious flavors. Handmade in small batches with local rBST-free cream and featuring 18% butterfat (a naturally derived fat from milk) making it deliciously rich & creamy.

Featured flavors: Vanilla Bean, Chocolate, Marionberry, Latte Chip, and Mint Chip.

Sale valid in-store only, Wednesday, August 9, 2023.

Zupan's Markets Vanilla Bean ice cream

Vanilla Bean

Sweet cream infused with pure vanilla extract.

Zupan's Markets chocolate ice cream


Made with Fairtrade cocoa.

Zupan's Markets Marionberry Ice Cream


Made with sweet, tart, local marionberries.

Zupan's Markets Mint Icecream

Mint Chip

Mint ice cream with dark chocolate shavings.

Zupan's Markets Latte Chip ice cream

Latte Chip

Made with Nossa Familia Mathilde’s French Roast.

San Ignacio Dulce de Leche

15.9oz Jar

Sunday Night Chocolate Sauces

9.2oz Jar

Isigny Sainte-Mère Chantilly Crème

7oz Can