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One Day Seafood Sale

Saturday, December 4
seafood for the Holidays


Stock up and save on Lobster Tails, King Crab Leg Merus Sections, Kumamoto Oysters, Columbia River King salmon & more!

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North Atlantic Lobster Tails
previously frozen
10-12 oz $39.99 ea
save $5
20-24 oz $79.99 ea
save $10

Kumamoto Oysters
1 dozen bag
$19.99 ea
save $3

Columbia River King Salmon Fillets
previously frozen
$24.99 lb
save $5 per lb

Frozen Cooked Jumbo Shrimp
16-20 ct, 2 lb bag
$29.99 ea
save $5

King Crab Legs
Merus Sections
$79.99 lb
save $10 per lb

Dungeness Crab
$14.99 lb
save $5 per lb