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The Grate Plate

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Created by a Portland mother and daughter duo, the grate plate does just what its name says; it grates!

Handmade with stoneware ceramic and lead-free, foodsafe glazes, this grating surface makes cooking quick, easy, and fun! 

Perfect for garlic, ginger, peppers, nutmeg, hard cheeses & more! Set each place setting with a grate plate with garlic and olive oil for a delicious bread dip. 

The unique design took over a year to create, but after much trial and error, they crafted the perfect surface. The mother-daughter duo started selling their graters at local farmers markets in the Portland area in 2015 and have since rapidly expanded. 

Each grate plate comes with a garlic roller and brush to help remove your grated ingredients. 

 How to Use The Grate Plate

  1. Wet the plate 
  2. Hold the item by the root 
  3. Grate all the way down 
  4. Use the gathering brush to push the grated product into a ball
  5. Add to your favorite recipe 

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