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Black Garlic

Close-up of caramelized flesh of black garlic

This garlic is unlike any other garlic you have tasted. Known as a “Super Food” with more than twice the antioxidants as fresh garlic, this practically odorless and sweet tasting Black Fermented Garlic adds a tangy and deeply rich umami type flavors to all your dishes

The garlic bulbs are aged for 4 weeks, which allows them to self-ferment in a scientifically controlled condition. Once they’re caramelized, the garlic will turn black and sweet, losing the pungent odor, but in its place, more healthful properties are bolstered. Black garlic can support healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and also aid in the detoxification process, which can aid in the body’s inflammation fighting ability.

Black Garlic pairs well in egg dishes, veggies, pizza, soups, stews, or as the perfect addition to dressing or aoli. You can also eat it straight from the jar as a supplement or snack.

Available in whole cloves or garlic paste.