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Private Label

From local albacore tuna and olive oil, to Italian-made balsamic vinegar and garden marinara sauce, Zupan’s Markets is committed to sourcing the best products for our private label line.

four jars of Zupan's Markets fruit spreads

Our Own

Fruit Spreads

Made in collaboration with Kelly’s Jelly, these Zupan’s exclusive spreads are created in small batches and made with fruit from the Willamette Valley.

Zupan's private label olive oil

Our Own

Organic Olive Oil

Zupan’s Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil is crafted in Central Italy and perfect for cooking, marinating or finishing.

Zupan's Markets Albacore wild tuna cans. Sourced from Oregon

Our Own

Albacore Tuna

Zupan’s premium albacore tuna is one of our best selling items, across all Markets. This delicious and popular product is locally sourced & produced in the Pacific Northwest. 

Our Own

Fresh-Stretched Mozzarella

Zupan’s Fresh-Stretched Mozzarella is created in-house by our cheese stewards. Our stewards turn high-quality curd into delicious mozzarella cheese through the process of hand-stretching.

Zupan's Private Label marinara sauce

Our Own


Zupan’s Garden Marinara & Tomato Basil sauce is crafted in Modena, Italy and features fresh, locally grown Italian ingredients.

bottles of Zupan's brand Balsamic vinegar

Our Own


Zupan’s Aceto Balsamico di Modena IGP is crafted in Modena, Italy by the Maletti Family. This six year aged balsamic vinegar is of medium-density and created from the wine and grape musts of selected Lambrusco and Trebbiano grape varietals, directly from the Maletti family vineyards.

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