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Cheese Department

From Around the World

Zupan's Markets is proud to carry hundreds of cheese varieties from all over the world. From fresh mozzarella and nutty alpine cheeses to pungent washed-rind varieties and aged sharp cheddars, our selection is constantly changing, so there’s always something new to discover.

With our fresh cheeses, our department also has a wide variety of crackers, confits, preserves, and artisan salts to pair with your favorite selections.

Hand-cut and Wrapped

Whether it’s a larger piece for a party or just a small sampling for a picnic, we’re happy to cut and wrap any piece to order.

Try Before You Buy

For the opportunity to try something new, help yourself to our rotating samples (available daily in the cheese department), or ask our cheesemongers for a taste of anything you’re curious about.

Custom Cheese BOARDS

Looking to create something unique for your next dinner party? Let our cheesemongers help curate the perfect cheese board to match your event.

Local vendors

We are proud to offer a variety of local vendors in our cheese department. Some of our local vendors include:

  • Briar Rose Creamery
  • Face Rock Creamery
  • Portland Creamery
  • Rogue Creamery
fancy cheese display in the cheese department of Zupan's Markets
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