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Meat Department

A Cut Above the Rest

Each Zupan's location features a full-service meat department with expert meat cutters available to answer your questions about selection, seasonal specials, and cooking preparation. We can also help you with a custom order or special request, as well as direct you toward cuts and special selections you may not have otherwise known about.

From Harris Ranch beef and Carlton Farms pork to Draper Valley chicken and Reister Farms lamb, our full-service meat departments feature the best, freshest meats available. Each of our meats is sourced from a single company that we consider to be the best in their specialty. Through our collaborations, we’ve developed a close partnership with each of these vendors. Read more about our relationships with specific farms and ranches below.

4 different local steak cuts available at Zupan's Markets meat departments

Our Beef & Harris Ranch

All of Zupan’s beef is provided by Harris Ranch, a family-owned and operated cattle farming operation with a commitment to humane and sustainable practices since 1937.

Harris Ranch animals graze on grass for 80 percent of their lives. They receive a corn-based diet, developed by on-site nutritionists, for the remaining 20 percent. In an effort to maximize their commitment to the humane treatment of cattle, Harris Ranch constructed and operates out of a structure designed by Temple Grandin, the noted authority on the humane treatment of cattle.

Our Harris Ranch beef is:

  • Always fresh, never frozen.
  • Graded “Choice” or “Prime.”
  • Ground fresh daily, at each location, from full muscle meats with no added by-products.

Grading system & terms:

Choice or Prime
This grading system is used to measure the amount of marbling in a piece of beef. Marbling refers to the white flecks and streaks of fat within the lean sections of meat. Marbling is what gives beef its flavor, juiciness, and tenderness. Prime beef has the most marbling, while Choice cuts have a little less.

Product can be traced back to its place of origin.

Certified Angus
Only the best of the USDA Choice and Prime grades are considered for the Certified Angus label. This grade ensures each piece of beef is incredibly flavorful, tender, and juicy due to the high amounts of marbling per cut.

the meat department case at Zupan's Markets in Lake Grove, Oregon

Our Pork & Carlton Farms

Local and family-owned, Carlton Farms partners with a multitude of growers throughout the Pacific Northwest. We chose Carlton Farms for our pork because we believe they produce the best tasting, healthiest product in the industry.

Carlton Farms pork is:

  • All-natural
  • Free of antibiotics and hormones
  • Raised on a grain-based vegetarian diet

Pork is delivered to Zupan’s twice a week to ensure freshness.

Zupan’s Honey-Cured Spiral-Sliced Hams are created especially for us by Carlton Farms.

Ground meats available from the meat department at Zupan's Lake Grove

Our Chicken & Draper Valley

All Zupan’s locations feature Draper’s “Ranger” (a free range Non-GMO verified poultry) in our service case and Draper’s “Roxy” ( an organic Non-GMO verified poultry) line in our self-service case.

Draper Valley Farms chicken is:

  • Northwest grown and raised
  • All-natural
  • Vegetarian fed
  • Hormone and antibiotic-free
  • Air chilled

Our Turkey & Shelton’s

Zupan’s is a partner with Shelton’s, a family-owned company that has specialized in turkeys since 1924. These free range turkeys are all-natural, vegetarian fed, raised with no antibiotics, hormones, or animal proteins, and are never injected with saline solution.

Our turkeys are stamped USDA grade “A” (which indicates the highest quality available), and are virtually free from defects.

Turkeys are available in 8 to 36 pound sizes throughout the holidays.

whole turkey from Zupan's meat department in the Lake Grove store

Our Lamb & Anderson Ranch

Based in Brownsville, Oregon, Anderson Ranch is the product of five generations of lamb-raising expertise and care. Reed and Robyn Anderson produce the highest quality meat – tender, juicy and delicious – while growing their business in ways that support and protect the land they love.

Anderson lambs are processed locally, within 1-10 miles of the pastures they were raised, and in an USDA-inspected plant. 100% grass-fed and Certified Humane, Anderson Lamb really is a cut above.

anderson ranch lamb is:

  • Raised in Oregon on a family-owned ranch
  • 100% grass-fed
  • Certified Humane

Our Handmade Sausages

Zupan’s sausages are handmade fresh from all-natural Carlton Farms pork and Draper Valley Ranger boneless skinless chicken drumsticks. Sausages are seasoned with exclusive blends created by the Oregon Spice Company. There are 12 varieties featured daily, including a rotating “sausage of the month.”

February Sausage of the Month
Kung Pao Chicken
Ranger chicken, garlic, ginger, bell pepper, green onion, peanuts, chilies, soy sauce & sesame oil.

variety of artisan sausages from Zupan's Markets meat department

And More

Our meat department also features:

  • 100% Grass Fed Beef from Grass Run Farms. USDA Choice Graded, Born & Raised in the U.S.A.
  • Ground lamb, veal, pork, turkey, and chicken.
  • 13 varieties of marinated kabobs in chicken, beef, pork, and lamb.
  • Bulk bacon sliced to order from Carlton Farms and Nueske’s.
  • Handmade patties and sliders in a variety of flavors.
  • A wide selection of game meats available by special order, including Buffalo, Elk, Venison, Wild Boar, Alligator, and Emu.
  • Duck, duck breast, rabbit, quail, and poussin throughout the year.
different raw kabobs from Zupan's gourmet grocery stores in Portland, OR and Lake Grove
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