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Whether you’re an expert chef or a connoisseur of great cuisine, Zupan’s Markets has been the #1 destination for the food and wine lovers of Portland, and beyond, for over 40 years.

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Just Arrived

Dungeness Crabs

First of the season Washington-caught, Large, Cooked Dungness Crabs have arrived.

Fresh This Week

Organic Opal Apples

Bright yellow, sweet & tangy, the magic of this apple is that it doesn’t brown when cut.

From Our Seafood Department

Stuffed Salmon

Perfect for a quick, weeknight dinner this salmon is stuffed with spinach, crab & sour cream and topped with a Dungeness crab fry leg. Simply bake for 20 minutes and dinner is served..

Featured Event

Wine 101, Cellar Z

Join us this Sunday, October 21 at 2pm in Cellar Z Burnside exploring the world of Spanish & Portuguese wines.

New Item

Macaroni & Cheese

Everyone’s favorite comfort food, now available in four exciting flavor profiles: Hatch ChileSmoked GoudaWhite Cheddar
& Classic Cheddar.

Sweet Treats

Halloween Sugarfina

Featuring Brainiac Maniac Zombie Brains and Pun-King Pumpkin Gummies.

About Us

A Place for Tastemakers

Zupan’s Markets is a local and family-owned specialty market focusing on the best fresh, quality ingredients. Step into our stores and be inspired for your next great meal. Our stores cater to tastemakers. From farm fresh produce and high-quality meats to aged cheese and wine, our departments are filled with the best-curated selection in Portland.

The Zupan family has been part of the Portland community for the past 65 years. Founder John Zupan was known for his good taste and was passionate about creating markets that showcased the best in food and entertaining.