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Whether you’re an expert chef or a connoisseur of great cuisine, Zupan’s Markets has been the #1 destination for the food and wine lovers of Portland, and beyond, for over 40 years.

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New Item

Grass Fed Beef

Brand new in our meat department, we are now carrying 100% grass-fed beef from Grass Run Farms. Unlike other grass-fed beef you will find in grocery stores, Grass Run Farms products are graded USDA CHOICE because of the amount of marbling found in their beef.

Featured Event

Wine 101

Join us on Saturday, February 16 in Cellar Z, Lake Grove for a discussion and tasting featuring the wines of Greece, Spain and Portugal.

Sausage of the Month

Pork Andouille

Made in house with Carlton Farms pork, garlic, thyme, paprika, cayenne pepper, bay leaf & liquid smoke.

In our Bakery

Bundt of the Month

Don’t miss out on this month’s bundt cake from local Finales Desserts featuring Strawberry Chocolate topped with white chocolate curls.

About Us

A Place for Tastemakers

Zupan’s Markets is a local and family-owned specialty market focusing on the best fresh, quality ingredients. Step into our stores and be inspired for your next great meal. Our stores cater to tastemakers. From farm fresh produce and high-quality meats to aged cheese and wine, our departments are filled with the best-curated selection in Portland.

The Zupan family has been part of the Portland community for the past 65 years. Founder John Zupan was known for his good taste and was passionate about creating markets that showcased the best in food and entertaining.