Carlton Farms


Founded in 1956, 47 miles away in Carlton, Oregon, a man by the name of Henry “Hank” Duyn began Carlton Packing Company. Nowadays, the company is known as Carlton Farms, and it’s still a family-run operation led by Rita Duyn, producing top-quality pork, beef, and smoked meat products.

Carlton Farms isn’t a simple family farm; the company actually works with a multitude of growers who raise top-notch pigs and cattle. Each grower is hand-picked and held to very rigid quality standards, ensured by Carlton Farm’s own Grower Certification Program. Many of the growers are here in the Willamette Valley, with the rest nestled throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Our holiday hams are specially made for Zupan’s by Carlton Farms. Each ham is handy-selected, hand-glazed, and hand-trimmed. It’s honey cured and naturally smoked with no artificial ingredients, hormones or preservatives, and no added moisture.