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Seacuterie Board 

Author: Norr
Serves: 10

Take a break from traditional meat & cheese boards try this with your favorite seafood.

Tinned fish is affordable, easy, delicious, and sustainable. It’s also an incredible way to taste seafood from the best parts of the world. We have an excellent variety available at Zupan’s Markets, from regions all over Spain as well as even the prized area of Portugal, featured on this Seacuterie board. This board is a new way to elevate your next gathering with friends and switch it up from the traditional meat and cheese platter. The great thing about this board is that it’s entirely up to your preference on what to include, make it as simple as you like and your guests will still be wowed with these tinned fish varieties at the center. It’s worth including endive and/or radicchio for enjoyment in wrapping your fish in lettuce alongside crackers. 


  • 3-4 tinned fish varieties of your choice! Showcased in this board:

    • Matiz Wild Pulpo Octopus in Spanish olive oil [Galacia, Spain]
    • Matiz Bonito Delo Norte White Tuna in Spanish Olive Oil [ Northern coast of Spain]
    • Patagonia Lemon Herb Mussels in organic extra virgin olive oil and broth [Galacia, Spain]
    • Maria Organic Sardines in organic tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil [Porto, Portugal]
  • Pickled veggies: Olympia Provisions pickled beets, Matiz Piparra Peppers
  • Fresh veggies: Endive and radicchio , leaves torn, rinsed and dried, + baby carrots
  • Olives
  • Cheese: Marinated mozzarella and/or feta, and one, or a mix, of cheeses like Boxcarr Rockets Robiola, Tomme De Savoie
  • Fresh lemon, quartered or sliced
  • Zupan’s crostini or a baguette sliced
  • Joyfull Bakery Everything Parmesan crisps, any cracker variety and/or almonds 


  1. Start by opening your tinned fish. Leave all oils in cans and serve just as is. This doesn’t get any easier!
  2. Assemble the rest of your board by opening and sectioning all your favorites throughout the space. 
  3. Serve and enjoy.