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Webber Wild Seafood

Fresh & wild salmon from Alaska. Learn about Webber's innovative way to remove the "fishy" taste of fish.
Webber Wild Seafood is an Alaska-based, family-owned company that provides ultra-premium salmon, handled with care from the ocean to the plate. Mike Webber, co-founder of the company, along with his wife Katrina, was raised on fishing boats and lives and breathes fishing. At age 7, he was running the seine skiff for his father’s commercial fishing operations and by 14, he was the captain of his own commercial fishing boat. He has had decades of experience tasting different salmon which has given him an incredibly discerning palate, which he takes into his day-to-day business operations.

The family’s boat, the F/V Amulet uses advanced on-board processing equipment with an immersion tank, refrigerated seawater, flake ice storage, and pressure bleeding technology. The pressure bleeding technology removes all blood in the salmon, which helps remove the “fishy” taste of the product, leaving nothing but the pure flavor of the fish. Only a small portion of salmon on the market undergo this pressure bleeding process, which makes Webber Wild Seafood’s product stand out. The result: the most flavorful, fresh salmon that is simply unparalleled in quality.

Webber Wild Seafood primarily fishes the Copper River and the “Lost Coast” of the Gulf of Alaska.


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