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Wild Mushrooms

Locally foraged in Oregon, learn more about the variety of wild mushrooms in-store. Perfect to add a rich & savory flavor to your fall dishes.
Wild mushrooms are grown in many kinds of locations, including woodlands, forests, pastures, meadows, and gardens, and when they’re foraged & brought to your table, you’re in for a treat. Whether it’s satisfying comfort food or a hearty soup to help warm the bones on a chilly fall or winter day, the taste of wild mushrooms adds a rich and savory element to dishes that’s essential. Zupan’s carries a wide selection of mushrooms, so make sure you try each one of them to figure out which one will be your new favorite!

How To Clean & Store Mushrooms:
Keep fresh mushrooms in a paper bag or in a damp cloth bag in the fridge. This helps them breathe & stay firm longer. Avoid storing mushrooms in a plastic bag, which causes them to deteriorate quickly. When you’re ready to clean them, cut off the dirty bottom tip of the mushroom, then rinse and rub the inside and outside of the mushroom to remove any debris or dirt. Place the damp, cleaned mushrooms on a towel-lined plate or pan to drain and dry out again.



  • Rich, buttery & meaty
  • Used extensively in ancient Chinese medicine
  • Delicious when sautéed in butter or olive oil




  • Delicate, mild flavor with velvety texture
  • Get their name from an uncanny resemblance to fresh-shucked oysters
  • Pair with seafood or white meats




  • Mild flavor with notes of fennel & almond
  • Capless mushroom that resembles a coral reef
  • Sauté & pair with rice, asparagus, or eggplant




  • Nutty flavor with aromas of apricots & peaches
  • High in vitamin D2
  • Pair with pasta or cured meats, or roast in vegetable side dishes




  • Nutty, peppery, and sometimes fruity in flavor
  • Ideal for canning
  • Use butter, garlic, cream, and fresh herbs to complement the flavor




  • Robust flavor and aroma that mirrors seafood or lobster
  • Makes a great dried mushroom, as the drying process captures the rich flavor qualities
  • Add to soups and stews, or slice thin & sauté with onions and potatoes




  • Fruity, earthy & spicy flavor
  • In China, these mushrooms are used as an immune system stimulant
  • Pair with Parmesan or Gruyère




  • Nutty & slightly meaty flavor with creamy texture
  • Meaty texture holds up to roasting, braising & sautéing
  • Pair with dried fruits and cured meats




  • Soft, chewy texture with buttery & woodsy flavor
  • High in vitamin B12
  • Pair with fish, venison & fresh herbs




  • Spicy, pine-like fragrance when cooked
  • Can be used in any recipe calling for mushrooms
  • Dry the mushrooms then grind into powder form to use as seasoning




  • Meaty texture with sweet, fragrant taste similar to crab or lobster
  • Has been cultivated for medicinal use to repair damaged nerves
  • Sauté in garlic, white wine & parsley or add to stir fry in place of meat or tofu




  • Fragrant aroma with earthy flavors
  • Grows underground near tree roots
  • Can be used in egg dishes, pasta, soups, or as a complement to salads




  • Sweet with a fragrance of maple syrup
  • Often used in cookies, cakes & ice cream
  • Pair with savory dishes like pork, squash, sweet potatoes, and risotto




  • Rich & meaty with a sweet nutty flavor
  • Have a thickening quality when cooked with soup or broth
  • Pair with scrambled eggs, simple pasta dishes or cream-based mushroom soup




  • Meaty flavor with a firm, resilient texture
  • A great substitute for regular white mushrooms
  • Dense, chewy texture similar to squid or scallops




  • Delightful mushroom flavor with a delicate texture
  • Cousin to the golden chanterelle
  • Perfect in a mushroom risotto or simply sautéed with butter, olive oil & salt




  • Large oyster-shapes mushroom with a rich aroma
  • Popular in Asian cuisine in stir-fries & soups
  • Perfect as a meat substitute in vegetarian dishes




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