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Authentic Italian Tomatoes


One of the most popular ingredients in Italian cuisine, tomatoes are not actually native to Italy, or even Europe! Explorers from the New World brought tomatoes back to Italy in the early 16th century, and Italians named an especially acidic yellow variety – pomo d’oro, which means “golden apple”.  

With a perfect Mediterranean growing climate, Italy is now home to over 300 pomodori” or tomato varieties.

ItalBrandOne of the most well-known plum tomato varieties, San Marzano tomatoes hail from the Sarno valley near Vesuvius and thrives in its volcanic soil. These certified D.O.P. San Marzano tomatoes are handpicked, peeled, and packed in their own natural juice with basil leaves. Perfect for creating an authentic Italian red sauce and the true tomato for an authentic Neapolitan pizza. 

TrentasetteFeaturing Datterino tomatoes created exclusivelfor the Trentasette Collection, these small, flat, and oval-shaped tomatoes are grown in Battipaglia and distinctive of the Campania region of ItalyPraised for their naturally sweet taste, these tomatoes contain fewer seeds than the average tomato and have thinner skin, allowing the sweet flavors of the tomato to shine. Available in both mini yellow and mini red varieties, these tomatoes are delicious are great in a simple pasta sauce with a sprinkle of Parmigiano cheese and a drizzle of good olive oil. 

Petti Pomodoro
The Petti Group has been producing tomato preserves since 1925. Currently led by Pasquale Petti, the fourth generation of the Petti family, Petti Pomodoro uses 100% Tuscan tomatoes that are processed within 6 hours of harvest. Cooked in low temperatures then sieved into a very fine mesh sifter to remove seeds and any traces of skins. These thick and velvet-like purees are characterized by their bright red color and fresh tomato flavor. Delicious as a sauce with pasta or over roasted meats. Featuring:    

Strained Tomatoes
Strained Tomatoes with Basil
Strained Tomatoes with Chili