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Carnegie Deli

Get a taste of New York with bakery items from Carnegie Deli.
Carnegie Deli New York Cheesecake

Introducing… A Taste of New York with Carnegie Deli. Located just offstage from Manhattan’s theater district, Carnegie Deli became THE iconic spot for entertainers, celebrities, and comics to eat sandwiches the size of their heads and delicious New York style cheesecake. Woody Allen is credited as the one who put Carnegie on the map for celebrities when he filmed a table of off-duty comedians at the deli in his movie Broadway Danny Rose. Adam Sandler also mentions the deli in his famous Hanukkah song.

Over the past few years, Carnegie Deli has been working to develop a line of great tasting products for retail partners and works with dozens of partners coast to coast and have a location at Madison Square Garden as well as their own ecommerce platform on  Best known for gargantuan sandwiches, cake-like cookies and, of course, their creamy and rich cheesecake. Now, you can taste New York’s finest cheesecakes and Black & White cookies in our stores!  

Carnegie bakery cheesecake

This velvety classic cheesecake is steeped in New York tradition with a creamy, luscious filling sitting atop a crumbly cookie crust. Each cheesecake is individually handmade to achieve satin perfection.  

Available in 3 sizes: 10-inch cheesecake (weighing in at a whopping 7 ½ pounds!) and 4-inch cheesecakes and individual slices. Full cheesecakes can be found in the bakery case and the freezer aisle. Slices can be found in the bakery case and the grab & go wall. 

  • 10” Cheesecake (16 pre-sliced pieces) $99 
  • 4” Cheesecake (serves 2-4) $17 
  • Individual Slice $10 


Store cheesecakes in the freezer for up to 6 months in the original packaging. If you want to  save some for later, portion your cake and pack in an airtight container to refreeze.  Leftover cheesecake can be refrigerated for up to 5 days (preferably in an airtight container). 

4-inch: To thaw, remove cake from plastic wrap and place on counter for 1.5 hours at room temperature before serving. 

10-inch: To thaw, remove cake from plastic wrap and place on counter for 3 hours at room temperature before serving. 

Make slicing easier by running your knife under very hot water before using. Wipe the warm  blade with a towel and immediately slice the cake. This will help prevent the knife from sticking. After every cut, repeat as needed and wipe off the knife for a more pristine slice. 

Carnegie Deli Black & White Cookie

Black & White Cookies:
A NYC classic! Soft cake-like cookie frosted with both vanilla and chocolate icing. 

$3.50 EA 


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