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Farm to Market No. 22 Stout

Immensely rich and roasty, this Farm to Market stout is aged in whiskey barrels.

Made in collaboration with Ferment Brewing, this rich & roasty stout is aged in whiskey barrels.

The Farm to Market Series began in 2015 to celebrate Zupan’s 40th anniversary and throughout the years has featured exclusive bottlings created in partnership with local breweries including Breakside, Wayfinder, Laurelwood & more.

Zupan’s Markets has partnered with Ferment Brewing Company to develop this 3rd stout, and the 22nd beer in the Farm-to-Market lineup.

Immensely rich and roasty, this Farm to Market Imperial Stout is elevated to a decadent texture with 7 months in fresh Colorado whiskey barrels. No. 22 pours dark and opaque with a wonderful caramel head. Both chocolaty & boozy on the palate, the delicate carbonation balances perfectly with the weightiness of this rich stout. The nose is defined by aromatic peaks of red fruit and the warmth of whiskey, before settling softly on full-bodied malts with a lip-smacking sweetness. Pairs perfectly with a chilly evening, a warm blanket and cozy friendships. A delightful fireside sipper.

14.3% ABV | 16.9oz

Food Pairing Notes: Roasted foods, smoked foods, blue cheese, chocolate.


Bottles are available at all three Zupan’s Markets, as well as a small quantity at Ferment Brewing Co. in Hood River.

About Ferment

Ferment is a modern brewery that fuses traditional farmhouse techniques with a forward-thinking scientific approach. Born out of an appreciation for the art of fermentation, Ferment offers a unique family of beers and kombuchas that tap the wild terrain of the Columbia River Gorge for inspiration and foraged ingredients. Visit Ferment Brewing Co. for more information.


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