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featuring Truffle Products & Oils, Aged Balsamic Vinegars, and Foie Gras. A perfect gift for the food lovers and chefs in your life. 


Truffle Products & Oils

Grown in the wild, truffles are considered a delicacy with a strong, earthy aroma that adds a decadent, umami flavor to dishes.

Truffle Oil: One of the best ways to infuse truffle flavor into your meal, truffle oil makes a great finishing oil for pasta, potatoes, roasted vegetables, polentas, and risottos. 
Truffle Salt: Perfect as a finishing salt for items like popcorn, fries, avocado, and macaroni and cheese. 
Truffle Spread: These spreads have a perfect hint of truffle and are delicious tossed in pasta, spread on a sandwich or atop crackers or crusty bread. 

Featuring Black Truffle Tapenade, Black Truffle Carpaccio, Black Truffle Infused EVOO, White Truffle Infused EVOO, Truffle Salt with Cheese and Truffle Salt with Saffron 

Aged Balsamic Vinegar

Balsamic vinegar is a decadent part of the food world and can be used to take a variety of meals and appetizers to the next level with its sharp, tangy, fruity, and wine-like flavor.  The wood in which balsamic is aged in will alter its taste, and the longer the vinegar is aged the more special it becomes.

Our aged balsamics in theTradizionale category are produced only in Reggio Emilia and Modena, Italy and made simply from concentrated grape must. Aged for 12 to 25 years and stored in wood kegs, it is slowly transferred from one keg to another until concentrated to one tiny barrel. It is common to use all types of wood barrels (chestnut, ash, mulberry, and juniper) during the process, often ending in cherry wood because it is the sweetest. 

Each label carries a D.O.P. (“Denominazione di Origine Protetta“) stamp — a European Union certification that guarantees an ingredient’s quality, production, and place of origin. No age is printed on the label, but rather the grade is determined by the color of the cap: red (12 year), silver (15-20 years), gold (20-25 years) in Reggio Emilia and white (12 year) and gold (20-25 years) in Modena. The “age” of traditional balsamic is determined not only by the length of time in the barrels, but also a mean average of the finished product, due to the fact that during the aging process additional balsamic is added to the top because of water evaporation. 

These balsamics with their velvety syrup-like texture is not meant to cook with, but rather to be drizzled over fresh berries, cheese, risotto or grilled meats & seafood. Featuring Sangiacome, Leonardi Comdimento Patriarca, Leonardi Balsamico al Ginepro, Compagnia del Montale, Condimento Balsamico, and Leonardi Condimiento Balsamoro. 

Foie Gras

Made famous in France, foie gras has been known to mankind since at least Ancient Egypt. Considered one of the world’s most luxurious foods, foie gras features a rich, buttery flavor and soft texture. Zupan’s carries foie gras from both Rougie and Les Trois Petits Cochons. Foie gras is delicious on toasted brioche bread or served on a bed of field greens. Or for holiday entertaining serve on a platter with a variety of bread and fresh fruit.