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Gourmet Gift Guide

From Italian olive oils & aged balsamic vinegars to craft cocktail sets and single-origin honeys, we’ve got gourmet gifts for the food lovers on your list.

For the Chef
Perfect for the chef on your list, choose from our large selection of olive oils and balsamic vinegars from around the world. From nuovo olive oils that are freshly pressed & vibrant green, or one of the many other varietals from Oregon Olive Mill. Add a bottle of Zupan’s Markets Balsamic Vinegar that can be served alongside local crusty bread for a classic appetizer that will keep taste buds dancing.

For the Wine Lover
Combine a bottle of wine with Zalto’s mouthblown glasses. Created with the angles of the Earth in mind, each glass has a one-of-a-kind architecture with angles of 24°, 48° and 72°, which allows wine to reach its optimal flavor. The result: wine glasses that allow for an enhanced wine drinking experience.

For the Gourmand
A simple yet sophisticated gift for the foodie in your life, the Leonardo IL Pregiato 10 Year is a bright, nutty, and oaky balsamic that will add an extra spark to any dish, especially when topped on sautéed chicken breast or on grilled mushrooms. Or choose the Leonardi La Corte 5 Year with subtle notes of butterscotch and toffee to accentuates sauces and marinades.

Both bottles come packaged in beautiful gift boxes, perfect for under the Christmas tree.

For the Tea Lover
Warm up after a cold winter’s day with a cup of Teapigs real whole leaf tea with whole leaf herbs and flowers. All teas come in biodegradable mesh bags that give the whole leaves plenty of room to infuse. This process allows for exceptional flavor in your cup. Add single-origin organic honey from Bee Seasonal which is sourced from beekeepers devoted to their bees and the land to the tea, and you’re left with a cup of tea that brings comfort and peace of mind in the midst of busy holiday plans. Don’t forget the shortbread too!

For the Brunch Lover
Say goodbye to Bloody Mary mixes made from sad, reconstituted tomato juice. Instead, take your morning to the next level with a Smokin’ Mary Bloody Mary Mix that’s crafted from whole, crushed tomatoes and natural smoke flavor. Your drink will have just the right amount of kick to get you through all of the excitement that comes at sunrise on Christmas. 

For the Chocolate Lover
Give a gourmet cup of chocolate that is rich, velvety, and handcrafted using ethically sourced cacao beans from Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate. The classic peppermint flavor adds that unique candy-cane flavor that is memorable and truly delicious.

For the Cocktail Lover
Nothing says the holidays like a classic hand-crafted cocktail. Our selection of aromatic bitters, cocktail syrups including unique items like hibiscus lavender, or grapefruit honey, and gourmet olives and cherries gives you all the ingredients you need to make an award-winning cocktail at home. So, throw a log on the fire and sit back, relax, and sip.

Featured items from local Portland RAFT and The Bitter Housewife, Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. and Morris Kitchen.

For the Essential Oil Lover
A gift for those who love sweet smelling things. Portland based Saint Olio’s has created a line of aromatic cleaning & body products that are completely natural, synthetic-free, and safe to use. These products use essential oils that are antimicrobial, which means your skin is left feeling refreshed, revitalized, and ready to tackle the day. Combine with Barr-Co. luxurious handcream and soap and a scented candle from Voluspa.