This traditional Italian holiday sweet bread originated in Milan in the 20th century. Legend has it that when the Duke of Milan’s cook was asked to prepare a delicious banquet for the duke and other nobles, he made dinner but burnt the dessert in the oven. He was at a loss on what to do, then the kitchen boy Toni suggested he serve the simple sweet cake he had made for himself in the morning using flour, butter, eggs, lime zest, and raisins. Because the cook didn’t have another option, he offered it to the guests and to his relief, the cake was a hit. Since then, it has become a holiday favorite in Europe, Africa, South America, and beyond. The name is derived from the Italian word “panetto”, a small loaf cake.

Zupan’s is proud to carry a variety of Panettone this holiday season from both Sicily and Milan  Enjoy it with hot chocolate, your favorite liquor, or toast slices and serve on a cheese board or as a replacement for coffee cake at breakfast. It is also delicious when used as bread for French Toast or as a dessert with a chocolate sauce.

Fratelli Motta:
Our Sicilian panettone is created by Fratelli Motta. Owned by two young brothers Piero, the creative and dreamer, and Salvo, the business man, together they decided to do the things they like the most, biscuits and cakes from their motherland, Sicily. Sourdough yeast, free range organic eggs, Italian flour and passion are the ingredients behind their artisan products.
Glazed Raisins & Zibibbo
Chocolate Chip
Panettone with Orange Cream
Panettone with Pistachio Cream

Augusta Panettoni:
Started in 1945 in Milan by a master pastry chef, custodian of the traditional “Panettone Milano” recipe. Today, as then, the master bakers at Augusta are the custodians of the secret of the special leavening agent, which it mix with the best butter in Europe, exquisite candied fruits and the best quality raisins, together with other first choice ingredients. The dough is left to rise naturally, then cooked slowly and carefully and allowed to cool for a full twelve hours, giving the cake its unique taste and flavor.
Classic Panettone
Mini Panettone

Gluten-Free Panettone:
Created in Milan, these classic panettones feature a replica of the traditional recipe, but without the gluten.
Classic Panettone
Chocolate Cream Filled
Lemon Crem Filled