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Hanging Baskets

Our hanging baskets are locally grown by Kamis Nursery in Salem and Skyline Nursery in North Plains. These hanging baskets are made especially for Zupan’s Markets and a gorgeous addition to your porch or patio for the spring and summer.  

 At Kamis Nursery, owners Sava & Claudia Kamis have been growing beautiful plants and flowers at this family run and operated nursery since 1985. Available in numerous varieties including petunia, million bell, fuchsia, and mixed baskets.  

 Skyline Nursery specializes in hanging baskets and provides Zupan’s Markets with stunning shade baskets that are perfect for the areas of your home that receive filtered light. Skyline Nursery was started in North Plains by Jeff Johnson and Evelyn Taylor in 1985 just after they got married. They raised their family on the nursery, and it has remained a small, family run business ever since.  

 In addition to hanging baskets, Zupan’s also carries patio and window planters for both sun and shade from Kamis as the season moves from spring to summer.