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Our Housemade Sausages

Created from Zupan's Own recipes, our pork and chicken sausages are available in a variety of flavors.
Zupan's Housemade Sausages

Handmade in store from Zupan’s Own recipes, our pork and chicken sausages are available in a variety of flavors.

Zupan’s sausages are handmade fresh from all-natural Carlton Farms pork and Draper Valley Ranger boneless skinless chicken thighs. Sausages are seasoned with exclusive blends created by the Oregon Spice Company. There are 10 varieties featured daily, including a rotating “sausage of the month.”


Sweet Italian
Authentic Italian flavor make this a perfect sausage for your favorite pasta dish, pizza or mixed with ground beef for an Italian burger.

Hot Italian
Seasoned with distinct flavors of fennel & cayenne pepper, this sausage will add a little spice to stuffing or your favorite pasta recipe.

Seasoned with a delicate touch of nutmeg & herbs, this bratwurst is delicious in a bun and loaded with your favorite toppings.

This Spanish-style sausage is made from coarsely chopped pork with chili pepper & paprika to give it a uniquely spicy flavor. Pairs well in breakfast skillets or Spanish paella.

Garlic & Herb
The variety of fresh herbs & minced garlic ground into this sausage truly complement the pork flavor. Try chopping and serving with caramelized onions & bell peppers.

Breakfast Links
There is no better way to start the day than with these 100% pork breakfast links. Simply serve with a side of homestyle potatoes and scrambled eggs.


Created with a touch of sage & apple, this sausage adds a bit of sweet to any meal, especially breakfast. Pair with fried eggs or frittata.

Basil & Sun-Dried Tomato
Made with fresh basil & sundried tomato, this sausage is perfect when added to cheesy, marinara-style lasagna or paired with pesto pizza.

Spinach & Feta
Full of superb flavor, simply add to rotini pasta with fresh spinach and shaved parmesan cheese.

Using a mix of chipotle peppers & hot smoked paprika, this sausage will spice up any meal. Fabulous when paired with pasta, chili or inside a breakfast burrito.

This mix of sugar & spice is an amazing way to add robust flavor to pasta. Or, top a baguette with this thinly sliced sausage, parmesan, and marinara for a delicious & unique appetizer!

September Sausage of the Month
Oktoberfest Beer Brat
Carlton Farms pork with sauerkraut, caraway & our NEW Farm to Market Oktoberfest beer brewed in collaboration with Old Town Brewing.

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