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One Day Marinated Tri-Tip Sale

Wednesday, June 14th

Our housemade marinated tri-tip is created from local Double R Ranch CHOICE beef. Part steak, part roast, and totally delicious – tri-tip has just the right amount of marbling for maximum tenderness. 

$12.99/lb, save $7 per lb

Named for its triangular shape, tri-tip is especially delicious when cooked on the grill at a lower temp given its distinct grain and thick size. 

The city of Santa Maria, located in California’s Central Coast region is known for making the tri-tip a local specialty. Some of the early settlers were vaqueros, Mexico’s equivalent of the cowboy, and the local cuisine is influenced by their culinary background. 

Meat mythology says the tri-tip was discovered by Bob Schutz, a local butcher, in the 1950s. The cut was generally thrown into the grinder for hamburger, but there was plenty of ground beef in the store and Bob put it on the shop’s rotisserie oven. It became an instant hit and he started labeling it as a grilling specialty. 

Our marinated tri-tip is available in 3 unique flavors: 

Carne Asada: Authentic Mexican flavor, marinated with lime juice, poblano peppers, cilantro & cumin.  

Yucatan: Earthy, bright & bold flavors with New Mexico chilies, red wine vinegar, achiote & cumin. 

Santa Maria: This California-inspired sweet & spicy rub is created with ground coffee, brown sugar & cayenne pepper.