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Public Coast Farm

Located just 30 minutes outside of Portland, Zupan's is proud to source local blueberries from Public Coast Farm.

Public Coast Farm is a 40-acre culinary farm nestled at the base of Oregon’s Coastal Range on iconic Highway 26, just 30 minutes from Portland.

Lush with 10 acres of blueberries, fruit orchards, beehives, and hops, the farm is a culinary playground for the chefs and brewers at Public Coast Brewing and Stephanie Inn, sister companies of Public Coast Farm both in Cannon Beach.

From their 5,000 square-foot solar powered greenhouse to custom bee boxes for honey production with Jacobsen Salt Co., Public Coast Farm celebrates alchemy: the transformation of simple, beautiful, locally produced ingredients into culinary magic.

Zupan’s proudly sources blueberries during the summer from Public Coast Farm, rotating through the eight varieties grown on the farm.

Blueberry Varieties

Reka: Originating in New Zealand, this mid-sized, dark berry is happy at home in the PNW, with a juicy succulence and alluring fragrance. Makes excellent jam.

Spartan: Bold sweetness with just the right amount of tart to curb the sugar. Bite into these firm fruits and feel ’em snap! These berries freeze well.

Duke: Subtly sweet, mildly tart berries. Usually a seasonal first, Duke blueberries ring summer in! Great in muffins and flapjacks.

Chandler: Huge berries, growing up to an inch in width. Large, sweet and juicy – perfect for eating by the handful.

Bluecrop: Great for pies, preserves, or just plain snacking.

Toro: Larger and sweeter than your typical blueberry. Firm and bursting with flavor, these blueberries stand up well in a salad or paired with grapefruit.

Liberty: The newest blueberry variety, these perfectly balanced sweet-tangy fruit are a great summer snack.

Bluegold: Native to the Northeast, these favorites have stood the test of time. Classic sweet flavor that doesn’t overpower.

Blueberry galette


Blueberry Galette

Author: Judiaann Woo
Serves: 1 galette

Make this free-form, rustic tart with fresh Oregon blueberries for a simple but elegant pastry.

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