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Sparrow Bakery

Introducing Bend based Sparrow Bakery to our bakery departments!

A Central Oregon favorite, Sparrow Bakery is now open in Portland and Zupan’s is excited to be carrying their pastries and cookies in our bakery department.

Sparrow Bakery opened its doors in 2006 in Bend, Oregon, with the mission of running an honest business, baking beautiful food, and providing excellent jobs. They strive to be positive members of the community and encourage other businesses and people to not just be good, but great. In May 2020 Sparrow made a big leap and expanded into Portland opening a new retail and production space on Lombard in the St. John’s neighborhood. 

The story of Sparrow Bakery begins with Whitney Blackman. Born and raised in Portland, Whitney began her foodservice career in Portland at Ken’s Artisan Bakery and Wildwood restaurant shortly after college. Whitney grew up knowing Zupan’s well, so she is ecstatic to begin selling at our stores. She hopes to focus Sparrow’s efforts in Zupan’s with lovely boxes of pastries and cookies specifically designed to treat and delight family and friends.

What makes Sparrow Bakery products unique? While many bakeries mechanically laminate their dough, Sparrow hand-laminates their croissants, which means they hand-fold their butter and dough. This process gives their products a distinct character. One of their signature products featuring this process is their beloved Ocean Roll created with a swirl of vanilla and cardamom. The Ocean Roll is both a nod to Whitney’s Finnish grandmother who always included cardamom in her baking, and a bakery in Manzanita called “Bread and Ocean”, who inspired her with their brioche cinnamon-cardamom roll.  

Sparrow bakery rolls

Sparrow Bakery is about more than what they bake. They are about an amazing product and an amazing experience, personal service, and attention to detailThis shines in their one-of-a-kind cookies and pastries! 

Featured Products:

Frosted Shortbread Cookies: Buttery, flaky, and artfully decorated, these melt-in-your-mouth cookies combine the comfort omade from scratch cookies with playful frosting in different styles. New designs are delivered weekly. 

Parisian Macarons: These French favorites feature cream-filled almond meal cookies are available in a variety of different flavors each week.

Ocean Roll Croissant: Sparrow’s signature pastry. Vanilla & Cardamon swirled in Sparrow’s old-world style hand-laminated dough.

Banana Bread: Topped with finishing sugar and packed with flavor, perhaps the best banana bread on the planet. Always moist and delicious, goes great with jam, cream cheese, or toasted with butter.  

Cinnamon Knots: Hand-rolled croissant dough, twisted with Saigon supreme cinnamon, and raw sugar. Don’t tell anyone, but some people like these better than Ocean Rolls! 

Learn more about Sparrow Bakery.


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