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What’s New in Grocery – september

New in-store - HeyDay Canning Beans, Vindulge BBQ Sauce, OTA Tofu

Local Edition

heyday canning co.

This local Hood River canning company is disrupting the bean business with really, really delicious full of flavor canned beans. At HeyDay Canning Co. they believe cans are magic. Less food waste, naturally preserved, no plastic and ready to eat whenever you are. They took a conventional shelf product and turned it into a ready-to-eat meal! Simmered in aromatic, vibrant flavor sauces, you can enjoy them on their own, pair with a protein or top on a salad.  

Featured Flavors

vindulge red wine bbq sauce

Vindulge, an Oregon based grilling, barbeque, wine, and outdoor entertainment brand, founded by husband-and-wife team, sommelier, Mary Cressler and pitmaster, Sean Martin, has been creating delicious food and drink recipes since 2009. Their newest venture, Vindulge Red Wine BBQ Sauce, came unconventionally. Born from the 2020 wildfires, Mary and Sean partnered with the wine community to create a BBQ sauce out of the smoke-impacted pinot noir grapes. This partnership has turned into a balanced pinot noir BBQ sauce that is the perfect addition to chicken and pork. 

Featured Flavor

ota tofu

Born from a desire to serve the growing Japanese population in Portland, this family-owned small business quickly gained a reputation for the finest, freshest tofu in the Pacific Northwest. Now considered a Portland gem, this 112 year old business is the oldest producer of tofu in the United States. Using only three ingredients, Ota tofu is pressed and folded by hand delivering a one-of-a-kind quality, healthy and tasty product!

Featured Varieties

Handmade Tofu

Firm | Extra Firm


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