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29 Kettle Confectionery

29 kettle confectioner

Made from only four ingredients, these delicious vegan Glazed nuts are locally made in Lake Oswego.

Why 29 Kettle? Their nuts are cooked in a copper kettle. Time to pull out your old 7th grade chemistry textbook – 29 is the atomic number of copper on the periodic table of elements. The copper kettle is what gives these nuts such a delicious taste. But how?

29 Kettle soak their nuts in whiskey or vanilla before heating them to 650°F. The intensity of heat pulls the natural oils out of the nuts, which allows 29 Kettle products to use no oil and no butter in their recipes, keeping their treats vegan. 29 Kettle proudly makes their confections with only four ingredients: nuts, vanilla or whiskey, salt & beet sugar. 29 Kettle sources locally when given the opportunity.

Zupan’s is proud to offer several 29 Kettle glazed nut varieties:

  • Whiskey Drunk Hazelnuts
  • Whiskey Drunk Almonds
  • Whiskey Drunk Pecans