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Neutral Milk

Neutral Milk is organic, local, and sourced from pasture-raised cows in the Pacific Northwest.  

Neutral Organic Milk is carbon neutral and sourced from pasture-raised cows in the Pacific Northwest 

Locally founded in Portland, Neutral believes that carbon-neutral food means a better life ahead. To create its milk Neutral partners with more than 70 local farms throughout the Pacific Northwest who turn cow emissions into renewable energy.  Each farm partner is also committed to the highest standards of organic practices including no GMOs, no antibiotics, no synthetic hormones, and no toxic pesticides. To make their milk carbon-neutral, they work with dairy farmers who turn cow emissions into renewable energy, so dairy cows make their make and also make it neutral. 

Featuring both whole milk and 2% milk, each milk’s unique footprint is calculated in partnership with one of the world’s pre-eminent carbon scientists, Dr. Greg Thomas. The footprint of the milk includes the feed to nourish the cows & cow waste and the energy needed to run the farm, trucks, and refrigeration. 

Founded to build the next global food revolution, the concept of carbon-neutral food comes from the deep roots of science, openness in forging something new, and making sure accessibility is at the heart of it all. Carbon offset projects contribute to environmental benefits like improvements to water quality, better habitat for local wildlife, and healthier forests.  

Learn more about Neutral. 

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