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November Wine Specials, Lytle-Barnett

november in the glass

Created locally from grapes hand-picked in the Willamette Valley, Lytle-Barnett vintage sparkling wines are created with the exact specifications of vintage French Champagne.

A partnership between Andy Lytle and Antony Beck, these exceptional sparkling wines were developed with the help of Andrew Davis and Peter Ferreira, two internationally acclaimed sparkling winemakers.

For decades, Lytle-Barnett watched Oregon’s Willamette Valley mature and produce more than just world-class pinot noir and saw the perfect time to develop an exceptionally high-quality local bubbly. In the bottle for over three years, these first vintages bring a level of joyful accomplishment that is the result of two internationally acclaimed sparkling winemakers coming together to work with the possibilities in one of the most exciting wine-producing regions.

Featured Wines

2013 Lytle-Barnett, Blanc de Noirs

Eola-Amity Hills, Oregon

$75, reg. price $80

The wine expresses the warmth and richness of its full structure with fresh strawberry and cream notes, pound cake, and rhubarb. The straw hue of the wine is punctuated by the fine and persistent mousse, as fruit and yeast notes linger through its long finish.

Pair with: Poached eggs with parmesan and smoked salmon toast, foie gras, fried ravioli.


2013 Lytle-Barnett, Brut Rosé

Eola-Amity Hills, Oregon

$80, reg. price $85

Light in hue, the Brut Rosé captures the essence of the red fruit within. Strawberry and raspberry notes mingle overtly with bread notes and light floral tones. The tiny bubbles carry these notes with lean acidity at the end of a long stylish finish.

Pair with: Smoked salmon, triple cream cheese, prosciutto, stuffed mushrooms, and egg dishes.


2015 Lytle-Barnett, Blanc de Blancs

Willamette Valley, Oregon

$75, reg. price $79

The Willamette Valley has really only been producing great chardonnay since about 2008. The opportunity for Blanc de Blancs (100% chardonnay) hasn’t been available in the area for very long. We feel the quality is now there to make something very special.

Pair with: Oysters, shrimp, smoked salmon, and caviar.


2014 Lytle-Barnett, Brut

Willamette Valley, Oregon

$75, reg. price $80

Lytle-Barnett vintage Brut is their flagship wine. It’s the one that most people are drawn to when they think about the champagne category. With undertones of baking spice with lemon curd, white flower, and delicate wild red fruits. The finish closes on a mix of fruit and yeast-derived flavors punctuated by dry, crisp acidity.

Pair with: Caviar, sriracha & wasabi deviled eggs, buttered popcorn.