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Our Veal

Rich in flavor, tender & juicy our milk-fed veal is raised on family-owned farms throughout rural Pennsylvania.

ZUPAN’S IS PROUD TO CARRY veal from marcho & provimi farms.

From Marcho & Provimi Farms, our veal is raised on family-owned farms throughout rural Pennsylvania. Milk-fed and graded USDA choice or higher, our veal is humanely raised in caring, low-stress environments with 24/7 veterinary oversight, ensuring superior herd health.

Rich in flavor, tender juicy, veal is as easy to cook as a steak or pork chop at homeIt’also leaner than poultry but contains just as much protein as beefBest served medium-rare, veal is delicious grilled, braised, sautéed or added to stew. It pairs beautifully with fresh herbs like rosemary, tarragon, thyme & oregano as well as umami-rich items such as mushrooms, soy sauce, or miso. Because of its delicate flavor, it is best to avoid pairing veal with items such as spicy chilis, molasses, smoke, and BBQ sauce. 

Our meat department features a variety of veal cuts: 

Veal Racks 
Rib Chops 
Loin Chops 
Stew Meat 
Fresh Ground Veal 
Osso Buco


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