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Avocado & Crab Crostone

Author: John Eisenhart
Serves: 4

Dungeness Crab + Avocado = Match Made in Heaven
Quick to put together, this crostone is a perfect appetizer or as an upgrade to your avocado toast.


In a bowl combine the chili, avocado, crab, olive oil & lemon juice. Season with salt & pepper.

Evenly cover the bread slices with the mixture, pressing down gently to avoid the mixture falling off.

Cut the bread into generous bite-sized pieces and garnish with chives.

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2 Thick slices ciabatta bread (about 1” thick), dressed with olive oil and grilled
2-3 oz. Dungeness crab meat
½ Avocado, diced
½ Fresno Chili, diced (no seeds)
2 T Chives, chopped
1 ½ T Lemon juice
2 T Olive oil