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Featuring delicious coconut macaroons, dipped in chocolate and made by hand in Northwest Portland.

Roons features delicious coconut macaroons, dipped in chocolate, And Made by hand in Portland.

Founded in 2017 by Jenn Topliff in Northwest PortlandRoons macaroons feature the pairing of not-too-sweet coconut with incredible semisweet chocolate. Naturally gluten & grainfree, Roons are baked in a nut-free facility and are also certified kosher. Many people, in fact, have called them “The best macaroons EVER” and Wilammette Week named them one of the Hottest Food Startups in Oregon. 

Roons got its start as a bit of a challenge from Jenn’s mom who during Thanksgiving in 2010 encouraged her to try baking something new, like macaroons. Having grown up with a dad who helped create Canada’s top-selling cookie, The Decadent Chocolate Chip Cookie, Jenn couldn’t just bake macaroons, they had to be the best macaroons in the world.  

A graphic designer by day, Jenn spent late nights in the kitchen of her San Francisco home perfecting her recipe. After 7 years of experimenting, Jenn finally landed on the perfect balance of sweetened and unsweetened coconut, with a delicious dark-chocolate bottom. Realizing the cost of living in California may hinder her project, her and her husband came to Portland in 2015, eventually closing her design company to work on Roons full time and officially launching in Portland in 2017.

Each macaroon is perfectly baked and individually wrapped and sealed as quickly as possible to lock in all the flavor. Their unique packaging lets them boast a 60-day shelf life without the use of any nasty artificial preservatives. Roons can also be frozen and make delicious pairings with wine or bubbly.

Featured Flavors: 

OriginalA pairing of not-too-sweet coconut with semisweet chocolate.  

Lemon: Zesty, delicious, and light, these fluffy, lemony treats are some of Jenn’s favorite. Dipped in a delicious white chocolate base.

Orange Creamsicle: Zingy, citrusy macaroons that taste like summer days and are dipped in white chocolate.  

Chocolate Decadence: Featuring 5 Different kinds of Guittard chocolate and a semisweet dark chocolate base. 

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