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Zupan’s Virginia Peanuts


Our super, extra-large Virginia peanuts and perfect for summer snacking and available in Salted or Honey-Kissed.

Grown in the sandy soil of Southampton County, Virginia, these peanuts are crafted the old-fashioned way, with each batch being hand-cooked and seasoned to perfection by Hubbard Peanut Company.

This company is Virginia’s oldest continuously family-owned and operated peanut processor.  Virginia peanuts are prized for their extra-large kernels and are known for their high quality.

  • Salted: Super-crunchy, with delicious peanut flavor and perfect for a mid-day snack, paired with your favorite craft beer or served at your next party.
  • Honey-Kissed: Super-crunchy, with a delicious blend of sweet & salty and perfect for a mid-day snack, ice cream topping or added to your favorite Asian-inspired dishes.
  • Choco-Covered: A delicious mix of sweet & salty and perfect to satisfy those chocolatey cravings. (available in winter only)