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Get ready for the start of the school year with these lunchtime essentials!
It’s that time of year again! Time to send the kids back to school which means packing lunches. We have all of the essentials to help you stay organized and sustainable. Incorporate LunchskinsStasher BagsU-Konserve, and Mepal, into your lunch packing routine to make lunchtime easy for you and fun for the kids!

  • LunchskinsFounded by a mother of four and a lifetime environmentalist, Lunchskins is on a mission to eliminate single-use plastic pollution and create plastic alternatives that are simple and affordable. Lunchskins stylish & durable disposable sandwich bags are perfect for kids lunches! Made from all-natural wood pulp, grease resistant, and recyclable. Each bag comes with self-adhesive strip to keep food freshLunchskins are not treated with any type of wax and are toxin free. Featuring fun patterns in sandwich and quart size options that make lunchtime fun and exciting.  

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  • Stasher Bags: Kat Nouri, CEO and founder of Stasher and mother of three is committed to motivating people to protect the planet. Stasher Bags are made from platinum silicone and 100% plastic, toxin & BPA free. They are microwave and dishwasher safe, and available in half-gallon, snack, sandwich, and pocket size bags. Perfect for lunch time snacks or sandwiches! They are endlessly reusable and come in a variety of colors.  

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  • U-Konserve Started by two mothers trying to be environmentally conscious as their families grew. U-Konserve containers are made of non-toxic stainless steel and are the perfect shape for lunch boxes and durable enough for the cafeteria.  The stainless-steel containers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, perfect for all lunchtime items. Also, try the U-Konserve ice packs and stainless-steel straws. The ice packs are made from recycled plastic bottles and are moisture-resistant and the straws are dishwasher safe.  

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  • Mepal: In the 1950’s Mepal began making plastic storage containers. Their products are functional, simple, and durable. Mepal snack pots are perfect for packing lunchtime snacks. Every pot is leak proof and microwave & dishwasher safe. With two separate compartments, you can pack two different items in one! The Mepal bowls are ideal for storing leftovers or packing salads and pastas!  

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