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Zupan's is proud to carry the largest selection of both domestic & imported Caviar in Portland.

Zupan’s is proud to carry the largest selection of 100% sustainable domestic & imported Caviar in Portland. Pair with blinis and your favorite bubbles.


AMERICAN SIBERIAN AMBER – $349, 4oz$99, 1oz
Chocolate brown to dark color with a delicate buttery, lightly salted flavor that smoothly melts in your mouth.




AMERICAN OSETRA IMPERIAL $399, 4oz, $119, 1oz
Dark blonde to Amber pearls that are uniquely nutty and buttery, this caviar is sure to be appreciated by both caviar novice and afficionado.




IMPORTED SEVRUGA – $349, 4oz$99, 1oz
Traditional caviar perfect for any occasion with a pronounced flavor that is smooth and buttery. Sleek gray color with small to medium pearls.




Dark, mostly black to grey medium to large grains with a delicate texture. Creamy, mild and well-balanced. Lighter butter taste than true Beluga caviar, subtle nutty and briny flavor of Siberian caviar. 




PACIFIC WHITE STURGEON – $369, 4oz$99, 1oz
Nearly black in color, this caviar has a fresh, creamy flavor with a distinctly nutty taste that is smooth and robust.




Beautiful, glistening pearls that have a savory & aromatic flavor.




AMERICAN PADDLEFISH $129, 4oz$65, 1oz
Often called the “first-timers” caviar for its bold and earthy flavor that tenderly melts in your mouth.




This crisp and clean tasting caviar is best known for its bright golden color and crunchy texture.




SALMON ROE – $35, 2oz
The perfect treat for sushi lovers. Large, firm orange berries burst with incredibly salty flavor from the sea.


Orders are gladly accepted at our seafood counter.
To ensure peak freshness and quality, please allow 24 hour notice.
Available while supplies last.


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