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Oregon Strawberries

Local strawberries have arrived! Get a taste of these Oregon favorites from Columbia Farms on Sauvie Island.

Strawberries: there’s nothing like them! And now, it’s time for local strawberries.

These little local red beauties come from Sauvie Island at Columbia Farms and they’re sweet, delicious, and scream that it’s almost summertime!

Owners Dave & Diane Kunkel have been harvesting local produce at this family-run farm since the mid-1970s. Because Oregon strawberries need warm sunshine and aren’t picked when it’s wet outside, you will see our local strawberry inventory fluctuate throughout the season. Currently we have the golden standard of Oregon Strawberries: Hood! These sweet and juicy strawberries are a deep red color throughout and the most anticipated strawberry of the season. We also have Sweet Sunrise strawberries. Known for their balanced sweetness, this early season varietal produces medium to large-sized firm strawberries with a deep, dark red color throughout.

Strawberry facts:

  • Usually, medium or small berries have better-eating quality than large ones.
  • Strawberries don’t ripen after they have been harvested, so choose berries that have been picked fully ripened.
  • Ripe berries should have a bright red color, natural shine, and fresh-looking green caps. The fresher the berries are, the more they shine and the more fragrant they are.
  • There are many different varieties of strawberries, the most popular being the Hood berry.
  • Oregon strawberries have a short shelf life and are not grown to travel long distances.

Strawberry care:

  • Due to the short shelf life, local strawberries should be used the day or day after you buy them.
  • Store in a colander in the fridge – this allows the cold air to circulate around them. Don’t cover them.
  • Leave the caps (stems) on the strawberries until ready to eat or use in a recipe.
  • Remove the caps from the berries only after washing – the caps keep the water from breaking down the texture & flavor inside the strawberry.
  • For best flavor, don’t wash the strawberries until you’re ready to eat or use them – moisture is the enemy.
  • Strawberries taste better at room temperature, so remove from the fridge about 1 hour before using.

Strawberry preparation:

  • Serve by rinsing (with caps attached) under a gentle spray of cool water, then pat dry with a paper towel.
  • Tip: Place in a salad spinner to remove excess water.
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