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Cocktail Crafting Essentials

Summer is in full swing and we’ve got a full lineup of cocktail mixers, syrups, bitters and condiments to create refreshing drinks. So get crafting and join us as we toast August and one more month of the summer sunshine.


The Bitter Housewife & RAFT
Founded in 2012 by husband and wife team Genevieve and Dan Brazelton with the mission to create a brand that made cocktails approachable, with great tasting flavors and simple recipes. Created locally in Portland, this line of bitters and syrups is crafted with real ingredients in small-batches.

Look for a variety of bitters, botanical syrups, and essential syrups on our shelves.

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Jack Rudy Cocktail Co.
This family-owned company features syrups, tonics, bitters and cocktail condiments handcrafted in small batches in Charleston, South Carolina. Named after their great-grandfather, Jack Rudy’s goal is to reinvent the long-forgotten staples of the American bar – those that you’d find in your great-grandfathers bar cabinet.

Look for Classic Tonic, Grenadine, bitters, Bourbon Cocktail Cherries, and Vermouth Brined Olives.

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On-Time Mixers
Concocted over a round of golf in Indianapolis, these classic mixers are created from time-tested family recipes. Featuring Key Lime Sour Mix, Margarita Mix and Bloody Mary Mix, simply add your booze and enjoy! Featuring 100% all-natural, non-GMO, kosher and gluten-free ingredients that will help you make cocktails that keep you and your guests coming back for more.

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Cocktail Crate
Cocktail Crate Craft Mixers are created in small batches with real ingredients sourced from small, independent and family-owned businesses. Founded in 2012 by 24-year-old cocktail lover, Alex Abbott Boyd just one year out of college. The first batches were paid for with $5000 raised through Kickstarter and each bottle was handmade and labeled by Alex in his home borough of Queens. Today, Alex is excited to be working seemingly non-stop to bring the mixers to more and more people who appreciate a really good cocktail!

Cocktail Crate’s classic line of mixers include Whiskey Sour, Old Fashioned and Ginger Mule. Simply mix with your favorite spirits, add ice, a shake & enjoy.

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Smokin’ Mary
Shake up your Sunday morning brunch routine with Smokin’ Mary Bloody Mary mix. This family-owned company was born of a love of tomatoes, a fondness for the Bloody Mary and frustration with commercial Bloody Mary mixes.

Unlike most Bloody Mary Mixes which consist of reconstituted tomato juice, Smokin’ Mary starts with a whole lot of whole, crushed tomatoes. Add a bit of Worcestershire, Horseradish & Cayenne sauce with Natural Smoke Flavor and you’ve got a Bloody Mary with the perfect amount of kick.

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Why craft premium spirits and then compromise the experience with poor quality mixers? This question is what spurred Fever-Tree founders Charles Rolls and Tim Warrillow on a quest to create a mixer using great tasting, fresh ingredients. Named for the cinchona tree in which quinine, a key ingredient for tonic is found, Fever-Tree launched in 2005 when it introduced its first Fever-Tree Indian Tonic Water. Since then the company has expanded its line to include a full line of Tonic Waters, Ginger Ales, Lemonade & more.

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