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Lytle Barnett Sparkling Wine

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Zupan’s Wine Exclusive

Created locally from grapes hand-picked in the Willamette Valley, Lytle • Barnett vintage sparkling wines are created with the exact specifications of vintage French Champagne. A partnership between Andy Lytle and Antony Beck, these exceptional sparkling wines were developed with the help of Andrew Davis and Peter Ferreira, two internationally acclaimed sparkling winemakers. Zupan’s is proud to be the exclusive retail partner.

For decadesLytle • Barnett watched Oregon’s Willamette Valley mature and produce more than just world-class pinot noir and saw the perfect time to develop an exceptionally high-quality local bubbly. In the bottle for over three years, these first vintages bring a level of joyful accomplishment that is the result of two internationally acclaimed sparkling winemakers coming together to work with the possibilities in one of the most exciting wine-producing regions. 

Featuring Brut, Brut Rosè, and Blanc de Noirs and an October release date for Blanc de Blancs. 



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