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Spice up your Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich

Check out these pairing suggestions to spice up your next peanut butter sandwich.
Peanut butter – the quintessential sandwich spread or snack. Zupan’s peanut butter is ground fresh in our produce department and contains only one ingredient – peanuts. Packed in a reusable Weck jar, our peanut butter is so good you just might find yourself eating it by the spoonful. 

Spice up your PB&J 

While Peanut Butter & Jelly is delicious, and oh so simple to make, the same ingredients after a while can get redundant. Add some excitement to lunchtime and spice up your sandwich with these unique combinations. 

 Honey: Add a drizzle of honey to the sandwich for a touch of sweetness.  

Cheese: Add your favorite cheese to your next PB&J. Cheese pairs well with the peanut butter and jelly to create an explosive flavor combination. Our suggestions are brie or cheddar, but the options are endless! 

Fruit: Everybody knows banana pairs well with peanut butter (thanks Elvis), but have you tried berries, dates, or figs? Fruit is a perfect substitute for jelly or jam! 

Chocolate chips: Really want to go all out? Add chocolate chips to provide a hint of dessert flavor and fun. Try dark, milk, or even white chocolate! 

Grill It: We love every other sandwich grilled so why not grill your PB&J? Grilling it creates a warm and delicious filling. Not to mention a crunch on the outside which makes for the perfect sandwich! 

Add a Pickle: We know it sounds weird, but try adding a pickle to your next peanut butter sandwich. A little bit of vinegar goes well with the peanut butter…we promise!

Add Chips: Why not add some crunch and saltiness to your sandwich? Pile on your favorite chips and you’ve got a delicious creation. 

PB&J French Toast: What’s better than French Toast? PB&J French Toast! Make your classic French toast then slather it in Zupan’s fresh ground peanut butter and jelly.  

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