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Hatch Chiles

Catch the Hatch Hype. Grown in Hatch Valley, New Mexico, these meaty green chiles are available only for a limited time.
Grown in Hatch Valley, New Mexico, Hatch Chiles have a unique and smoky heat flavor that is incomparable to any other pepper. Cool nights and hot days along the Rio Grande make for perfect growing conditions. Available for just a limited time, these chiles are planted in April then harvested in August and September. An earthier flavor than similar peppers, once roasted, they take on a buttery-like flavor. Hatch chiles are especially delicious on burgers, in enchiladas, chopped up and mixed with cream cheese for a spicy spread, added to guacamole and much more! 

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New Mexico-Style Hatch Chile Barbecue Burger

Author: Malcolm Bedell
Serves: 3 Burgers

There are few peppers that can match New Mexico’s “Hatch” variety, a designer breed that has been perfected over the last 130 years. When Hatch chilies aren’t readily available, though, we love this version of a classic Southwest Green Chile Burger, which uses the more common fire-roasted Poblano pepper for heat. The burger is finished […]

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