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Strawberry Lavender Milkshake


Smith Berry Barn Strawberry Lavender Milkshake

Author: Sara Perry
Serves: 2

This sweet, seductive milkshake is the quintessential early summer treat. I came by the recipe when I interviewed Erika Polmar, co-founder of Plate & Pitchfork, the delicious event that turns farms into dining rooms every summer.  The Smith Berry Barn hosts Plate & Pitchfork dinners, and these shakes are a hit with the prep team and […]


Alice Water’s Sun-Dried Strawberry Jam

Author: Sara Perry
Serves: Makes 4 cups

Alice Water’s shared this recipe with me many years ago when I interviewed her for a newspaper article. It’s the recipe I turn to every summer when Hood strawberries begin to make their appearance. As Alice explains, “This method of jam-making requires a little patience, but it is among the best ways to preserve fresh […]